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1/28/2021 | by admin | {dr[click] views}

At the beginning, this application is still very good. Unintentionally unlocking the phone can earn 1 to 2 yuan a day, and the payment speed is extremely fast. I have received a 30 yuan payment once. Slowly, with more and more users, spending money seemed

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2. After you click to enter the event page, you can upgrade to receive the red envelope. At this time, all you have to do is to click the "Guide" in the upper right corner to view the strategy of this event, and then follow the strategy step by

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Third, the number of articles read and forwarded. The higher the number of articles read and the more reposts, the more helpful the ranking, and the reposting of the article also has the effect of fission and attracting fans. I believe this needless to sa

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